We created a different kind of spiritual journey

My name is Hanna Walker and I founded Holistic Affinity at the end of 2019 in Worcester. Holistic Affinity was born out of an alternative way to support my anxiety and feelings, I tried multiple methods and felt that crystals calmed me and re balanced me the way I wanted it to.


Focus on Quality

Here at Holistic Affinity we know that quality is incredibly important, we know that if they are not they do not hold the properties we need to benefit from them. Our stock is diverse and ever changing, each product is unique to its own. They are my passion and they have helped me on my journey and I hope they help you. from basic tumble stones through to a huge selection of very large and unusual pieces. We stock a wide range of healing crystals to suit all needs and seek to source the rare and unusual.

Holistic Affinity is a passion driven, Worcester based, premier crystal and mineral online shop specialising in sourcing the finest crystals and fine minerals for a range of uses.

Holistic Affinity is made to be as unique as you are, you are one of a kind are so are our products. There is nothing on earth quite so precious as time and when you wear a piece of jewellery that was made with love and care, you carry that with you everywhere so we make sure our jewellery doesn’t just look good but provides are purpose to better your lives.

Each natural stone has been created in nature and comes with its own special imperfections and quirks, which means that any product you buy will be unique to you, it has its own properties and is yours.

We know the power healing can have on a person, in our busy lives we can easily become unbalanced and out of place, feeling like our own thoughts and bodies are out of tune, with Holistic Affinity we can help correct this and balance you once again. We know how every gem is forged from mother earth herself, it comes with its own power to help, inspire or heal you.

In a world full of possibilities, seek out spiritual enlightenment and always express your true and unique self.

Our Crystals

We want to share our enthusiasm for crystal healing and spirituality with you. Choose from our individually selected products sourced from around the world.  Crystal spheres, hearts, witches balls, natural crystal clusters or bespoke crystal specimens. A huge selection of spiritual products carefully sourced carefully. If you are curious about what crystal would be best for you then reach out to us today and we can answer any questions you might have.