Best Crystal Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Using crystals is great right, we know that! But there are ways in which you can manifest your spiritual powers even more. Have some crystals that align with your zodiac sign, clever right? These beautiful gemstones are from mother earth itself so we might a swell harness the power they hold and connect them with us on a personal level. Every crystal around the world has different properties, to the energy it can give us to the power it holds and this energy can help us manifest our goals and become better people.

Each Zodiac sign has a natural connection for certain crystals, gemstones nad minerals, its like its counterpart that we know fits like a glove, by connecting the zodiac sign with the gemstone its a win win for everyone.

So let’s find out what crystal works with your sun sign and let’s get you equipped with the gemstone you need, are you ready?


The first sign of the zodiac calendar is Aries, these personalities are usually known as vibrant, bold and fiery personalities. The carnelian gemstone will not only help amplify the tight energy within the Aries but it will also help sooth and calm the areas of their personality which get them into trouble.


Ruled by the power of Venus, the bull usually enjoys the finer things in life, a splash of luxury with a brilliant taste but what the bull enjoys the most is love itself. Rose Quartz helps up up the heart chakra, bringing romance to the Tauras, which helps make better decisions to prevent further heartache.


It is said that the beautiful Citrine gemstone helps bring and increase intelligence within. Through the guidance of this crystal, Gemini will help enhance confidence, memory and concentration which in return brings better energy and direction for the person within.


The Crab is known to have some very intense powerful emotions which at times can take over the host, thus producing high levels of anxieties and over stimulated thoughts. The Moonstone is said to help alleviate Cancer’s inner demons, settling the thoughts within that in return provides calmness and even stabilising erratic behaviour.


Tiger’s eye is a very powerful gemstone, it is traditionally Leo’s stone as it can be a creative and positive opener for the user. It opens roads allowing the lion within to achieve mass confidence, positive thoughts and overall balance which keeps the lion on track for the future.


It is said that both Virgo and Red Jasper bring practicality and clarity to all matters. Red Jasper can help add focus, stimulated organisation and analytical approach. This in return helps problem solving and quick thinking decisions.


This spectacular blue gemstone can help not only balance the energy within but out as well, which is why it says it resonates so much with Libra. It is said that Lapis Lazuli encourages the Libra within to centre itself never tipping the scales and helping the user on a better path.


The obsidian stones main purpose is to shield against the negative and dark thoughts, which is why is serves the Scorpio aura so well, by enhancing the water energy within it helps these two work hand in hand. Obsidian can support in the production of your own prophesy, giving the user of the crystal immense and unstoppable power.


It is said the the Sprinted Archer holds unstoppable power, its agility, focus and sheer will is what makes the Sagittarius a strong being, but match this with the turquoise and it can help enhance the luck you need, which creates the perfect dream team for an unstoppable force.


The Capricorn is known to be generally pragmatic, ambitious and disciplined but with all this also comes some flaws, the sea goat is also know to be stoic and pessimistic. We all know that Jade is all business, a stone with a direction. So combine these two together creates a dream team which creates success, abundance, fame and wealth.


It is said that the Aquamarine can help the physical body, aid it in recovery and growth. The Aquarius is known to have some fantastic qualities, Open-Minded, Humanitarian, Creative, Free Spirited and Intellectual. However, with this also creates some problems… Rebellious, and impulsive. But with the Aquamarine at its side can help change this behaviour and bring radical change.


Pisces are known to be very empathetic creatures with large imaginations and a friendly approach which what makes them natural healer and great people to be around but marry this with their negative traits which can be laziness, moody and overall negative approach. However, bringing the Amethyst together can help boost and protect their intuition and overall approach to live.

Amethyst Ring Silver Plated Pendant

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