How To Clean Your Healing Crystals

Today we are here to talk to you about to cleanse, charge and prepare your crystals. This is our guide for a better spiritual journey, now as a disclaimer, this is our preferred way to clean crystals but there are many ways depending on the routes you have learnt and what crystals you are dealing with.

Many people begin their relationship with a new crystal by cleaning it first, this is due to the crystal usually have some energy associated with it so you need to make sure it doesn’t have any unwanted energies attached to it.

The first way to cleanse your crystal is the simplest, by water. This is the universal cleanser, if you have access to sea water even better. However, we know that not everyone can have access to sea water but as long as the water is clean (filtered properly.) Some people also add salt to their water because of their electric properties.

Quartz rose holistic affinity

To clean your crystal you can simply rinse it in water, or you can follow up by placing the crystal in a clear glass filled with water. The best thing to do is then place that glass on the windowsill, ideally facing south, to charge in the sun.

Another great way to cleansing and charging crystal is by using the powerful properties of the moon. Some people make a ritual of burying their crystal under a full moon, to take advantage of the magnetic and powerful properties of mother earth. Or if you prefer you can alternatively leave your crystal in direct light of the moon inside your home.

holistic gemstone

Another method is by using crystal with safe, incense or sweet grass this way you can combine the properties of these natural elements with the crystal.

Lastly the can also cleanse and charge your crystal with other crystals. A crystal can be placed on a large crystal or cluster or generator (single large quartz crystal). Another option is to use Citrine as it is particularly excellent for cleansing the other crystals in your collection. It is one of the two crystals that is automatically self-cleansing and it will clean other crystals.

If you want to know more about cleansing, charging and preparing crystals then contact us today or reach out to us on social media where we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.