Energising Clear Quartz Twist Necklace – Gold


Beautiful Clear Quartz Necklace with golden wire twist detail on 18 inch chain

Each item is made using natural crystal, and so each is unique and no two are the same.

Rock crystal, or clear quartz, is known for its healing properties and helps with clarity, harmony and calmness. It is said to be the ‘master healer’.

Chakras: Crown Chakra

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About Quartz

This gemstone are one of the most common and abundant gemstones in the world but one of the most extraordinary. Through ancient times to the present day this spectacular gemstone has been a source of light to mankind and is highly values amongst spiritual leaders and healers.

It is said that the clear Quartz crystal is the supreme gift from mother earth, this simple crystal can hold countless magical properties and is the master healer stone. The ancient civilastions around the world believed that these gemstones were incarnations of the divine, one of the ultimate protectors.

Healing Properties

Clear Quartz through the ages has been known as the master healer, it has been said to amplify energy and thought. This powerful crystal can absorb, store and release regulated energy when you need it. It is also said to absorb the negative energy around , neutralising background energy that is not beneficial to you. We advise that if you are new to crystals are are looking to start your journey the clear quarts is a great way to begin.

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