Chakra Floating Pendant with 18 Gold Plated Chain 1

Chakra Floating Gold Plated Necklace


Beautiful gold plated floating pendant with each of the seven chakra stones.

Each item is made using natural crystal, and so each is unique and no two are the same.

The seven Chakra stones are; Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian and Aventurine. By combining each of these stones you are able to gain the benefits of these combined.

2cm round

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About Chakras

There are severn main chakras, this starts from the base of your spine, through to the crown of the head. These invisible wheels of energy keep up vibrant happy and healthy. Having Chakra jeweler with all the elements within an keep you in balance.

How they benefit you

The chakras are responsible for radiating life and energy around us. According to sources, chakras can bear a direct influence on the ambitions we have, the goals we want to complete and the growth of our own spirit. If one of severn chakras gets blocked or out of balance this can have a direct influence on our mental and spiritual health which can cause a range of long lasting problems. You can balance and cleanse these blocked chakras for establishing a harmonious influence of the energy centers in your daily life.

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