The Power of A Witch Ball

Throughout the times the witch ball has served many different purposes over the centuries and could often been seen hanging in the windows of homes. These objects are usually associated with dark magic and have been used for protection within the household since the 17th century. Today we are showcasing some of our latest witches balls, their properties and the history of them.

It is said throughout history that evil spirits were attracted to the shiny surface of the ball, the evil or dark spirit would become mesmerised by the reflection of the beautiful object then upon touching it are naturally caught and imprisoned by the strands of the balls inside. Another old tradition holds that witch balls prevented a witch from being in a room, because witches supposedly did not have a reflection or could not bear seeing their own reflection.

witch balls holistic affinity

The witches balls are still widely used throughout England and continues to hold great superstition with regard to warding off evil spirits in the English counties. Examples of the witches balls can be seen throughout cities, towns and houses where people would hang them up in windows to ward the unwanted spirits off.

Witch Balls


If you feel like there are dark spirits around you or worried about the house you have moved into then then browse our huge selection of witch’s balls today.

Colourful, handcrafted glass ornaments capture the essence of light. Hang them in your windows, group together in bowls, nestle among the flowers, float in garden fountains or hang from the trees.

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