Using Healing Crystals for Anxiety

Having a modern lifestyle means that you have to deal with constant stress and anxiety. Between your loved ones, your job, and your health the worries never seem to end. Fears about global pandemics and world peace only augment your restlessness to such a level that you barely have time to take a deep breath and relax.

If you are looking for a sure way to disperse all the negativity in your life, you can use healing crystals to relieve anxiety.

Originating directly from the Earth’s crust, healing crystals are energy stones that have the power to heal your mind, body, and spirit. People have been using them for millennia to soothe fear, pain, and confusion. In these desperate times, these powerful crystals can be a silver lining of hope and serenity.

anxiety healing stones
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Here are the 7 best healing crystals for anxiety and how to use them!

Black Tourmaline

We start our selection with Black Tourmaline, which is one of the best energy stones to have when you experience stress and anxiety. This crystal offers you protection from other people’s negativity and nurtures your emotional stability.

Use Black Tourmaline to relieve restlessness. You can incorporate this stone into jewellery or simply carry it in your pocket wherever you go. Place a few pieces of it around the home and in your car to keep negative vibrations at bay.


In life, you sometimes have to end relationships that you’ve worked hard to build. This type of event usually leaves you feeling bitter, hurt, and remorseful. Additionally, you experience anxiety every time you have to develop new relationships.

By using Fluorite, you can alleviate the stress that comes with new beginnings. This healing crystal can relax your mind, and induce peace of mind, and harmony. Use it when you feel that the pressure of social life becomes unbearable.


One of the biggest causes of anxiety is loneliness. The feeling that you may be alone in the world and that nobody understands you can fill your mind with existential angst.

Before you give in to despair, you should try using healing crystals for anxiety. In this case, your best choice of energy stone is Angelite. This ancient crystal should instil calm and help you relieve pressure. Use it during meditation to achieve serenity and understand that you are not the only one with mixed emotions.


The Amethyst crystal is one of the most powerful crystals that you can use to alleviate anxiety. It has the power to keep you calm in stressful situations and enhance your confidence.

You can also use Amethyst if you have trouble sleeping and if you struggle with night time restlessness. Place a few of these energy stones in your bedroom, on nightstands, and even under your pillow. It should reward you with peaceful slumbers and fewer bouts of insomnia.

anxiety healing crystals
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This healing crystal is perfect for people who want to diminish the stress in their lives. If you have a hyperactive lifestyle, Lepidolite stones can help you slow down and admire the beauty of easy living.

Use Lepidolite to find peace in times of restlessness. Let this energy crystal guide your intuition and calm your mind. Keep it with you when you work to reduce pressure and help you relax. This way, you should be able to complete difficult tasks without feeling too anxious about your productivity.

Blue Lace Gate

The Blue Lace Gate crystal has a soothing effect over your mind. If you have reached dangerous levels of stress, you can use this energy stone to regain mental and emotional balance. Hold it in your hand and meditate for a few minutes to relieve pressure.


Last, but not least, when the world seems too much to bear, you can always count on the stress-reducing power of Howlite. This stone can heal your mind, help you relax, and see the world through a clearer, more positive lens.